Hey @Everyone!!

Alrighty! I am going to be taking a trip to the states next week, so I will be bringing the summer fun prizes with me to finally be able to mail off. I haven’t had a chance until now… I am so sorry for the delay.

So, if you participated in the event, you can choose which of these you’d like to have. Two have already been claimed, but there are plenty more.


These will be filled with other prize goodies, as well.

If you don’t choose one, a random one will be sent, instead.

First come- first serve, so make sure no one has laid claim before choosing yours.
Too many to choose from....and I can't remember if I participated? Lol
But if I did participate I would love either of the two circled in green please ?IMG_20230221_120757.jpg
I had good intentions but then life interrupted them. They are gorgeous though!
awesome thank you so much <hugs> look forward to it :hug::hug::flyinghearts:
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