Have you had a trade rejected? I know that doesn't feel real good, but there is a bunch of stuff to consider when trading.

Art is subjective.
What does that mean? This means that not everyone is going to like your art, just like you don't like everyone else's art. You will never please everyone. That is just something that is. We can't change it, no matter how much we want to.

Taste and Preference.
Most collectors have a very specific taste in art, and can be some of the pickiest people on the planet. And that is ok! Instead of trying to force a trade because you really want their card, then try to create something in their taste. If this still doesn't work, then you need to move on to another trade. DO NOT dwell on an artist who doesn't want to trade with you. This will just make you feel bad.

Art is personal.
Even if you have traded with an artist, they may not want to trade again. This is ok. DO NOT push another artist to trade with you. This only makes yourself feel more rejected. Move on to someone who will appreciate your art.

If ANYONE is harassed about a trade, the offender is subject to warnings and removal from the forums.

The bottom line is... the art belongs to the artist. It is theirs to trade as they see fit.

Keep working on your art to get to a level where the other artists want to trade. It is unfair to an artist to be forced to trade with anyone. DO NOT force them.

But remember... if you see a card you would like to trade for, don't be shy! Asking never hurts, even if the answer is no. Be confident, but be humble.
This is some pretty good advice. It does really suck to get rejected for a trade. It was one of the reasons I stopped trading for a while. I still am not real comfortable yet. I will get there, though! I might just do a few swaps once they get started, so I can get back into trading.
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