We now have a system for adding reputation to a user. This is for trading, hosting, and swapping only! Don't give rep just because you are friends with someone. Please read this below before you give anyone reputation points. Reputation ratings are under moderation for the time being until we can all get used to the system.

This system is so you can keep track of trustworthy trade partners.

After you have traded a card, go to a user's profile and look for the "-+" close to their avatar. Click on the appropriate rating. - is negative. + is positive. The number means how much reputation you have. DO NOT be afraid to leave negative rep if your trade or swap went sour. However, before you do, make certain that your partner didn't have any issues. Life happens and sometimes it isn't good... If you are unsure of whether to give a negative rating, message a staff member. We will be happy to help.

Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 07.49.37.pngScreen Shot 2021-06-14 at 07.50.42.png

After you have participated in a swap, leave your HOST a reputation.
Players DO NOT give rep to other players in a swap, as this will be done by the host.

Every reputation you give someone will require a comment. You must add the swap or trade information to the comment so we know exactly why you have given it. If you do not leave a comment, your reputation will not be approved, and a staff member will contact you.

Hosts can also determine if you need a certain amount of Rep before you can join a swap. This is completely left up to the host.

If you are confused on who you give rep to, you can either comment below, or you can send me a private message.

Just letting you all know that the Reputation is REQUIRED when you do trades and swaps. If you trade, and you DON'T get a rep point, please inform an admin. There could be several reasons you didn't get your rep. Let the staff figure it out and we will get back to you! Please do not argue or start fights over the rep points.
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I was hoping something like this was going to get added. Very useful!
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