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Secret PUMPKIN!​

It's the season for sharing! We all know that Christmas comes once a year... but why not more??? Surely, we have more in us to give and receive than one day a year. I know I do!

So let's have a Secret HALLOWEEN gift exchange!? Sounds like fun!

Starting from today I will take sign ups on this thread until September 1st. On the 2nd or 3rd, I will send your partner. You will most likely NOT be getting gifts from the same person you are assigned.

YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO WITHDRAW AFTER SIGNUPS! Make absolutely sure that you will be able to send something before you sign up. DO NOT sign up if you think there is a chance you won't be able to send a package.

If you would prefer someone in your own country, please let me know and I will try to set you up with a local partner. However, I cannot guarantee that I will succeed.

To join simply post to the thread, "I wanna play" and also list three things you might like to receive. Remember that you may get a little something different than you request, however. This is supposed to be secret, after all.

DO NOT post your created or purchased items here. You may post photos of your wrapped gifts, but not the actual gifts. These should all be secret until your partner gets their package. The recipient my show the items they receive, however.

After signing up, you must send me your address via Private Conversation. I will ONLY share your address with the player you who was assigned to you. (I'll also keep it for my own records for random goodies later.)

Some items may include:​

  • Original Sketch Cards
  • Prints
  • Sleeves
  • Handmade items (crochet, jewelry, etc)
  • Markers
  • Paper bits
  • other Supplies
  • Washi Tape
  • ect

The item(s) must be a $15-$20 dollar value, excluding postage. You may get an international partner, so shipping must be a separate issue. Please keep it in the price range! I can't force you to stay under $20, but remember that you may not get a return in that same price range. It could make other players feel bad for not doing more. So let's try to all stay within the price range.

After the signups are over, I will group players. You will not get a return from the same person you are sending to. This will keep it extra secret! DO NOT TELL anyone who your partner is! Word travels fast, so let's try to keep it under wraps until the very last moment.

You have 4(ish) weeks to create items (if you don't start early with a few things). If you need longer, you MUST inform a staff member, so we can notify your recipient. DO NOT message your recipient, yourself. That would negate the "secret" part of the swap.

All packages must be sent by October 1st. This will allow 4 weeks for packages to arrive. If you feel like you need more time for the post, send earlier.



After you have received your gift, be sure to leave your partner a Rep Point in their profile!
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I want to play.

I am happy to receive anything related to art or paper crafting eg: pencils, erasers or whatever your favourite medium is or whatever you deem useful 😂 Or your own original art - I love birds, especially native Australian. I own a Cockateil and a yellow-sided Green Cheek Conure.


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Are the items also supposed to be secret? We probably shouldn't post the items we create or purchase here on the forum, should we?
I would like to join!

I love anything owl related, art goodies (pencils, erasers, markers, ect) and last much not least original art of any kind what so ever!(crochet, drawings, paintings, ect)

Also my favorite color of all time is GREEN!


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As long as it is kind of a generic halloween theme, go right ahead! However, don't be surprised if you have to leave out a few things because your partner's "list" says they don't want a specific theme or type.

I will be sure to include all info I can get when I send you your PM with the details :smile:
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  2. Rene Rene @ Rene: LOL it works! Those are so awesome!!
  3. LadyGirl @ LadyGirl: And another one today. I put them in the Trade-a-thon. They are kind of summery, if you stretch the definition and squint. LOL!
  4. Rene Rene @ Rene: Ohhhhhh I’m anxious lol
  5. LadyGirl @ LadyGirl: I drew a card yesterday, haven't had a chance to upload it yet but it is comng!
  6. Rene Rene @ Rene: I’ll keep my fingers crossed lol
  7. LadyGirl @ LadyGirl: Hopefully it won't be so long before I can try another!
  8. Rene Rene @ Rene: That comes with the territory, unfortunately… but you did a pretty amazing job!
  9. LadyGirl @ LadyGirl: awe, thank you! Other than a few doodles and that one card I did while camping over Memorial Day weekend that is the first drawing I've done in over 5 years. Definitely the first full size drawing in a lonoonngg time. I of course only see the flaws but I made myself post it anyway.
  10. Rene Rene @ Rene: That dragon is pretty badass. I knew you had skills in you, from a few cards you’ve done, but that’s fantastic!
  11. LadyGirl @ LadyGirl: What secret?
  12. Rene Rene @ Rene: Holy. Shit. How have you been keeping that secret for so long????
  13. LadyGirl @ LadyGirl: I posted it before I could change my mind.
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