We need a mascot!


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We need a mascot that can be used for our "official" gear. Calendars, bookmarks, business cards, envelopes for swaps, etc. Printable items can be for sale, contest prizes, or RAK givaways.

So... that's where I need your help! What would you like to see as a mascot?

Things that are out...
  • Llamas. These guys are just overused...
  • Anything that is already trademarked (sports, games, restaurants, cereals, companies, etc)
  • Personal pets. Since we don't all own the same pet, that would be unfair lol.
  • Scary concepts. We want to invite people, not scare them away.
Things that are in...
  • Animals.
  • Cute stuff (cartoon-ish styles).
  • Anthropomorphic creatures.
  • Fictional creatures.
If you have an idea, post it below and we can all narrow it down!
What about a Teletubbies

Ded Teletubbie GIF by MOODMAN
  1. Rene Rene @ Rene: Did an update today and scared myself! I thought the "unread" posts marking was screwed up! It just took a bit to catch up... Hopefully, it's the only time that happens LOL
  2. Rene Rene @ Rene: LOL it works! Those are so awesome!!
  3. LadyGirl @ LadyGirl: And another one today. I put them in the Trade-a-thon. They are kind of summery, if you stretch the definition and squint. LOL!
  4. Rene Rene @ Rene: Ohhhhhh I’m anxious lol
  5. LadyGirl @ LadyGirl: I drew a card yesterday, haven't had a chance to upload it yet but it is comng!
  6. Rene Rene @ Rene: I’ll keep my fingers crossed lol
  7. LadyGirl @ LadyGirl: Hopefully it won't be so long before I can try another!
  8. Rene Rene @ Rene: That comes with the territory, unfortunately… but you did a pretty amazing job!
  9. LadyGirl @ LadyGirl: awe, thank you! Other than a few doodles and that one card I did while camping over Memorial Day weekend that is the first drawing I've done in over 5 years. Definitely the first full size drawing in a lonoonngg time. I of course only see the flaws but I made myself post it anyway.
  10. Rene Rene @ Rene: That dragon is pretty badass. I knew you had skills in you, from a few cards you’ve done, but that’s fantastic!
  11. LadyGirl @ LadyGirl: What secret?
  12. Rene Rene @ Rene: Holy. Shit. How have you been keeping that secret for so long????
  13. LadyGirl @ LadyGirl: I posted it before I could change my mind.
  14. LadyGirl @ LadyGirl: Now if I can remember how to get the link to post it....hahaha, its been a long day.
  15. LadyGirl @ LadyGirl: I drew today!!!
  16. Rene Rene @ Rene: Beautiful entries in the dragon contest!!
  17. mistress mistress @ mistress: Am I missing something? I don't see anyone new :sad:
  18. Rene Rene @ Rene: Woohoo!! 😍
  19. Killercat2020 @ Killercat2020: I INVITED A NEW MEMBERRRRRR
  20. stuART @ stuART: one a day makes 7 LOL


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