There are perks to making your own blank cards rather than buying them already pre-cut.

Its much cheaper to make your own. It won't cost an eye and a leg to buy them pre-cut, but you do save a little. Its not difficult to make them, but one sheet of paper can make you quite a few cards. However, if you want to just create without needing to worry about making your own, you can just go ahead and get them pre-cut. No shame in that!

Watercolor paper is great for making cards. It is thick, sturdy, and textured. However, there are two types of watercolor paper. Cold-press and Hot-press. Both of these are very different. Check them both out before you make a decision. Most places will have an area where you can look at, and sometimes touch, scrap pieces. And if they don't, it never hurts to ask.

Bristol and Vellum papers are good for sketching. They have a texture that is perfect for pencils. They are also thicker papers, so they cut really well into cards.

My suggestion would be to buy a small amount of several types of papers, and then just keep using the one you like most!

If you want to get rid of some of it, DON'T TOSS IT! You can always cut some spare blank cards and send them to other members as gifts or contest prizes. But more on that later...
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