Once you have completely finished your card, signature and all, it is time to protect it.

DO NOT LAMINATE your original cards. You can laminate prints, but leave the original in it's original form. It is much better for the conservation of your art. Lamination can ruin a piece over the longer term. Instead, use these packing methods, instead.

Soft plastic card sleeves are one of the best inventions! They are clear and you don't have to worry about fingers touching your art. You can get these sleeves just about anywhere you can find trading cards, be it anything from baseball to Pokémon. There are a few different sizes, so be certain you grab the proper size. Not all sleeves are created equal!

Hard plastic cases are also amazing! It is best to put your card in the soft sleeve before putting it in the hard cover, though. Since the card can slide around inside the hard cover, your art can still receive a bit of damage over time.

Paper envelopes are great for having that "surprise" element to your trades. You can make these envelopes by printing out a template, then cutting and folding it to fit your card. We have a few envelopes right here on the forum for you to use. Be sure to put your card in a soft sleeve before using the paper envelopes.

Once you have your card all packed up, you can feel safer storing and trading.
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