It's the last of the year. Where does the time go?? Seems like only last week, it was March. Let's hope it slows down a little in the coming year!

Don't forget about the challenges! These challenges are only meant for your own amusement. You can trade your art afterward. You can only improve by the more challenges you take!

Check out the Contests area for any open contests.

As time progresses, we will have even more contests with even more prizes to win!

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Be sure to check out the gallery, too, while you are here! And also, don't forget to upload your own artwork! If you would like a template to display your work, you can find it in the Resources area.

If you are lost for inspiration, come check out the References section to pick out a photo to transform into art!

If you don't have the motivation for the arts today, check out the Humor Zone and the Posting Games for a little bit of time passing. You can also post your own game ideas and funny jokes. Let's all share our entertainment!

We hope you enjoy your stay here with us! And if you have any suggestions, be sure to post them in the Suggestions forum, or you can PM an admin!
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