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  1. Rene Rene @ Rene: Did an update today and scared myself! I thought the "unread" posts marking was screwed up! It just took a bit to catch up... Hopefully, it's the only time that happens LOL
  2. Rene Rene @ Rene: LOL it works! Those are so awesome!!
  3. LadyGirl @ LadyGirl: And another one today. I put them in the Trade-a-thon. They are kind of summery, if you stretch the definition and squint. LOL!
  4. Rene Rene @ Rene: Ohhhhhh I’m anxious lol
  5. LadyGirl @ LadyGirl: I drew a card yesterday, haven't had a chance to upload it yet but it is comng!
  6. Rene Rene @ Rene: I’ll keep my fingers crossed lol
  7. LadyGirl @ LadyGirl: Hopefully it won't be so long before I can try another!
  8. Rene Rene @ Rene: That comes with the territory, unfortunately… but you did a pretty amazing job!
  9. LadyGirl @ LadyGirl: awe, thank you! Other than a few doodles and that one card I did while camping over Memorial Day weekend that is the first drawing I've done in over 5 years. Definitely the first full size drawing in a lonoonngg time. I of course only see the flaws but I made myself post it anyway.
  10. Rene Rene @ Rene: That dragon is pretty badass. I knew you had skills in you, from a few cards you’ve done, but that’s fantastic!
  11. LadyGirl @ LadyGirl: What secret?
  12. Rene Rene @ Rene: Holy. Shit. How have you been keeping that secret for so long????
  13. LadyGirl @ LadyGirl: I posted it before I could change my mind.
  14. LadyGirl @ LadyGirl: Now if I can remember how to get the link to post it....hahaha, its been a long day.
  15. LadyGirl @ LadyGirl: I drew today!!!
  16. Rene Rene @ Rene: Beautiful entries in the dragon contest!!
  17. mistress mistress @ mistress: Am I missing something? I don't see anyone new :sad:
  18. Rene Rene @ Rene: Woohoo!! 😍
  19. Killercat2020 @ Killercat2020: I INVITED A NEW MEMBERRRRRR
  20. stuART @ stuART: one a day makes 7 LOL


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