1. Rene

    November 2022 Newsletter

    The end of the year is fast approaching. That means the Summer Anniversary Celebration is coming to an end. If you haven't joined in one of the activities, now is your chance! Remember, there is a real gift at the end of the celebration in December! We are already at the end of October, which...
  2. Rene

    April Newsletter

    As you may have noticed, the April Newsletter is missing. At the moment, I am without proper internet, so it is a bit difficult to get anything of substance done. But hopefully, very soon, everything will be back to normal. I know I keep saying that, but getting ready to change countries is...
  3. Rene

    March Newsletter

    There has been a lot of chaos in the past few months here at the LDSA household. We won't really get back into the "normal" swing of things until around August. But that doesn't mean the forum doesn't have tons to do still! Chats, challenges, QotD, and loads of games! In August, our First...
  4. Rene

    December Newsletter

    The holidays are upon us! Some have passed and many are yet to come. Whatever you celebrate, we hope you celebrate to the fullest! There will be no MoTM this month. Instead, we are celebrating all of us!! A virtual card exchange is in progress. More information about that here...
  5. Rene

    November Newsletter

    I am VERY happy with how the Secret Pumpkin event went! All of the packages were so amazing and well thought-out! We will do a slight bit of tweaking with the next event, however. There are a few things that I do think can be improved (solely on my part). I will give more details about that...
  6. Rene

    October Newsletter

    It has been really calm here lately. Not a whole lot going on at the moment. But of course, there are still loads of things to do around the place! Halloween is JUST around the corner! You that are participating should send out your packages ASAP, if you haven't already. I am looking forward...
  7. Rene

    September Newsletter

    It has been a pretty slow month. With Summer coming to an end, "normal" life is starting to happen again. Well, as normal as life can get at the moment, anyway! We really hope you enjoyed the warm weather, but it's time to start getting cooler again! With Autumn coming, that brings even more...
  8. Rene

    August Newsletter

    I hope you all have been enjoying your summer! The mid-year has passed now, so now comes the slide into the second half. Loads of holidays to plan for! I hope you are all ready! Just letting you all know that Facebook has either removed or hidden the official group over there, so now, this...
  9. LDSA Bot

    July Newsletter

    So... most of you have realized that we have completely changed forum software. Due to some unexpected non-support from the original devs, we made the decision to cross over into new territory. Well, it isn't new to us, but it is probably new to some of you. We were using phpBB, but...
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