Of course, a little late!

I know it has been a while since there was any real significant activity on the forum. But hopefully that will change soon! We finally have the ok to sign the 4 year contract on our new house here in Romania. I am super excited, let me tell you! I will definitely be adding regular updates on the forum. Photos, experiences, etc. And I haven't forgotten... I will post a big update on our experiences from Ulaanbaatar, too. Very soon...

Anyway, enough of my personal history LOL! Back to the actual forum stuff.

We have started up some monthly challenges again. But it is only dipping the toe in the water, so to speak. If things pick up, we will add the old way of the challenges again.

Art Challenges - CLICK HERE

Of course, the Question of the Day is still going. There were quite a few missed days, but hopefully we can make up for that soon! But for now, they are being posted pretty regularly again. Huge thanks to LadyGirl for the help when the admins couldn't get online.

A few other things.

We would REALLY like to get the forum more active, so if you have anything you'd like to see that would keep you coming back, please let us know. And we are looking for active staff to help bring in some attention, so if you, or someone you know, would like to become part of our team, please come our way! We would really love to have some reliable staff members to come in with a few extra hands. Challenges, QotD, general help, and referrals, among a few other select-able duties. Just give us a yell in any manner you feel comfortable. We are always here to guide you through how things run, if you aren't familiar with the platform.

Also, don't forget about the huge summer event going on right now! There are plenty of activities to keep you occupied.

Summer Fun - CLICK HERE

Enjoy the last half of the summer and hope to see you soon!

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